Monday, February 28, 2011

"911, what's your emergency?"

the phone rings late wednesday night and it's dad: "mom had an episode and i called 911" he said.  "she seemed ok by the time the paramedics got here. i'm going into Rice soon.  i'll keep you posted."

"ok dad" i said. i'll be awake for awhile so call even if you just want to talk.

dad calls later, around 11pm, and said she's ok.  i say great, but if anything changes call anytime even if its the middle of the night.  about 1am, the phone rings again; dad says she's on her way to st cloud hospital heart center.  they saw something at Rice that indicated further examination by a heart doctor.  long story short: an angiogram thursday morning warrents a stent in the lower right coronary artery, which was 90% blocked.  so that explains all those symptoms.  the good news, of course is no heart attack or heart damage occurred.  in fact, her heart is strong and healthy.  good news indeed.

thursday morning after doing a quick load of laundry, i pack up some knitting projects, make a few phone calls and i head up to st cloud to hang out with ma & pa.  5 hours of interstate driving is a nice time to blast a new cd and enjoy the day.  an hour visit with mom and its another drive to the lake for a good nights sleep in the guest room. back to st cloud to visit on friday, the lake friday night, then back to st cloud to take her home saturday morning... whew... so much driving!

a whirlwind week, and now with 3 days recovery time almost over... it's back to the business of everyday living...

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